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Specializing in Medical Device Startups

Working with medical device startup companies can be a challenge for larger UX contract research organizations (CROs). Startups are on the constant lookout for investors and under continuous financial strain and uncertainty. They might have to tackle each hurdle in their development and growth as they arise, and a surprise development can throw their whole strategy into disarray. Large CROs seldom enjoy the flexibility or agility needed to work with startups. They might even be averse to working with startups, preferring the established companies who can afford their services without question.

For startups, this can cause delays in product development and launch, frustrating investors and straining companies.

Smaller Usability Testing companies can be flexible and accommodating. They’re unencumbered by rigid bureaucracy and management. They can adjust costs in various ways, and can be creative in the services they provide without compromising quality. This makes them ideal providers for medical device startups.

At TIMBS Consulting, we enjoy working with startups. That’s where the promise and excitement of medical device innovation is most alive. We want our clients to be successful in bringing their products to market, helping those in need, and reducing human pain and suffering, and we will do what we can to help.

We offer different payment options and have ways of adjusting the cost to you, so that you can get the research and reports you need to 1) improve your product’s design based on end-user feedback (formative research) and/or 2) validate your products for risk and safety concerns and FDA clearance (summative research).

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